one of my top favourite places.

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  1. Aperture: f/74099370.666667
  2. Exposure: 74099370.666667"
  3. Focal Length: 74099370mm

my brain.

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a while ago i had a bag of farro that i wanted to use in salads for the week because it sounded posh and i needed a break from our usual (delicious) barley-quinoa grind.

the first salad layers torn, slightly wilted kale, tomatoes (fresh or roasted, big or little), cooked farro and white beans in a bowl. then you mix up olive oil, balsamic, a little honey or agave, salt, pepper and dijon in a jar, and shake it till it emulsifies. dress it when you want to use it, cos it will cook the kale slightly. wow, you’re done. you can also put the dressing in the bottom of a bowl or container, and the salad on top, then mix when you’re ready to eat.

i needed to prepare lunches last night and i wanted to make use of the proceeds from our trip to the produce store, but i hadn’t had the foresight to soak beans and i really didn’t feel like cooking any grains. so in this version, you layer torn kale, tomatoes (fresh or roasted, big or little), toasted pine nuts and shaved cheese (we used asiago and fresh mozzarella) into a bowl. then you mix up the same dressing and send it with your boyfriend for lunch. and he loves it.


this is pretty much the only thing on my mind this morning.